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Optimist Dinghy

Optimist is a single handed small dinghy boat. Mostly used by children under 16 years. The boats are usually made of fiberglass, but there are still wooden boats. The Optimist is adopted by International Sailing Federation- ISF. It is considered that there is over 150,00 registered boats meaning officially and many more never registered. First man who designed Optimist was Clark Mills in 1947. He was inspired by watching Soap box Derby program where fathers and sons have to build gravity powered cars for competition down the hill. First he builds a single sheet but through the years it was significantly modified by Axel Damsgaard. The Optimist is a sprit rigged. Have two battens on the leech. The monograph style is IO form IODA which means International Optimist Dinghy Association. Also every Optimist has a national number when the competition is held on Olympic Games. The number represents their country. The hull of Optimist is a pram hull, mostly made form six pieces of plywood. In Optimist there are buoyancy bags along each side. This part allow to a sailor to hang off the side. It is substantially because when sailor has heavy air he can reach better speed. Also dagger board and rudder are mostly made of fiberglass. The Optimist is the largest young racing class in whole world. Mostly Optimist is used by children or like is known to say for beginners. Almost every sailing school have a Optimist because every beginner will start form it. Like every coach of sailing like to say: “Every champ start from a small boat”. In 1962 in Great Britain was held a first World Competition and it become annually. Mostly dominated sailors are from Scandinavia countries. The entire number of its champions is 15. The LOA is 2,36 m, LWL is 2,19 m, draft is from 140 mm to 0,85 m. It is one of the most recommended sport for children.

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